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Hello, my name is Dario Ratti. Thank you for your visit. 

Above being a watchmaker, I am first and foremost a horology lover. Portraits of time, witnesses of our lives, watches and clocks are magical objects, and I feel lucky to spend my days working surounded by them. 

I received my degree as an Horloger Praticien in 2010 and as an Horloger Rhabilleur in 2011 at the Ecole Technique CIFOM, in Le Locle. I then obtained my degree as Technicien ES in  microtechnicology specialised in horological restauration and complications in december 2015, at the Ecole Supérieure of Neuchâtel canton. 

After having worked two years at ETA, where I was in charge of final delivery of Omega calibre 8500, I decided to open my own workshop, in the Old Town of Biel, the town that hosts Omega, Rolex's movement production site, and many other fantastic watch brands. 

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