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Service & Restauration

A watch or a clock are witnesses, of our time, of our life, and of the hard work and skills of those who conceived it, made it, and preserved. It is on that last step that my role comes into play: preserving your timepiece, to give it back its lustre and precision from when it was made, and enabling you to enjoy it for many years to come. Each watch or clock is unique, and it is for me an honour, but also a great responsibility, to make it live again.  

The steps performed during a service include:

  • movement disassembly 

  • pre-washing

  • inspection of each part

  • pivot burnishing and polishing

  • stone replacement  

  • replacement of damaged components

  • remoulding of parts

  • wheel friction inspection

  • balance spring adjustment

  • spring barrel disassembly, inspection and cleaning 

  • movement cleaning

  • assembly, lubrification and tuning

  • case polishing and cleaning

  • reassembly.

Serviced pieces are then under warranty for 1 year. 

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